Tank Girl was one of those things I'd let pass me by during my childhood. I was, after all, quite a self-involved little fucker. I remember the movie starring Lori Petty, which played in the background of my mind and almost certainly contributed to the present state of my imagination.

I didn't know why, but when I fell in love with The Gorillaz, the animated band that paved the way for my band, DINOSAUR!, the art style and atmosphere created by their videos set off my nostalgia detector like a marathon of Johnny Quest on Boomerang. If I'd known then what I know now, I probably would have had a seizure.

It seems, and I apologize for being so goddamn late to the party, but both of these things seem to be products of the insanely brilliant mind of one Jamie Hewlett, British-born artist and comic creator. In a mad dash to restore my cool, I've been attacking Amazon for every possible Tank Girl graphic novel collection. I'm working on making amends, Jamie (I write as though he'll ever read this). I'm in the process of just sitting back and admiring his quality of work. Tank Girl is genius for it's character and setting design alone, but the quality of writing and the execution of the plot make this worth reading. READ IT.

Also check out Hewlett's work for The Gorillaz, especially the Journey To The West video for the Beijing Olympics.

But that's enough ego stroking for now. Hopefully my next update will be about me. I like me.

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