(Translated from Japanese)
"Your happiness is important to you? Your peace and complacency? I don't care. It's over. Until you wake up, you will not have a moment of peace. Not a moment of quiet. Not one single week will go by when something bad does not happen to get people's attention, to alert the world to just how you're all fucking us up. We are a bad batch. You made us this way. And in order for things to change, we have to go. You will not do things the same way with our younger siblings. You will not make them whores of commerce and fads. You will not treat them like shit for not being perfect. Human beings are flawed. Honor means nothing. And even in a country with a low birth rate, there are still millions of us. This is round one. How long it goes on is up to you." ~ Jiro (IED Tokyo)

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