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...We had fun, right?

Everything about me felt tired. I was sure that people could tell when they made a point of looking away from me. I got dragged into a methadone clinic and twice into churches. My car was full of unread Watchtowers and Narcotics Anonymous fliers. There was room for improvement. But I couldn't help feel that everyone I met was overreacting. I'd been dumped.



Michael Chabon's novel "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" is being (or has been, it's just being released now) into a movie. From what I've seen, it may be my new indie crush.

It takes place in the 1980's, dealing with young adulthood, identity, responsibility, and Mina Suvari on a pooltable. Michael Chabon is the author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (Great book. Even Seth Cohen of The OC liked it.) and Wonder Boys (I put the links there so you could buy them. So buy them.), both of which are high quality, nerd-impressing, best sellers.

The official synopsis is as follows:
"Set in Pittsburgh in the early eighties, the story chronicles the last true summer of Art Bechstein's (JON FOSTER) youth. Stuck in a dead-end job working for his eccentric sometime girlfriend Phlox (MENA SUVARI), and forced into an endless series of airless dinners with his mobster father (NICK NOLTE), Art begins to believe that perhaps he doesn't even exist at all.

What begins as a mundane summer is quickly interrupted when he encounters a beautiful debutante (SIENNA MILLER) and her lusty, no good hoodlum of a boyfriend Cleveland (PETER SARSGAARD). Together they reveal a side of Art and Pittsburgh that he has never known.

As the summer boils on and their adventures darken, Art decides to risk everything to preserve his new-found paradise, and thrusts himself headlong into the blurring boundaries of family, friendship, and love."

Here's the official trailer:


The Mysteries of Pittsburgh on IMDB

When you want to hear, or rip, a song that you just can't see yourself running into anywhere else without paying for it, Youtube has for the past 5 or more years (that's 150 years in internet time) been the go-to guy. But the legal bandwagon started by Viacom has all the higher quality material being taken out behind the shed and shot, leaving nothing but the shitty teenage covers and camera phone live recordings. Those don't make good mp3's (which is obviously the point). So you find yourself searching for your dream track, going several pages in and coming out sticky, but unsatisfied. And then, off to the right side, in related videos, you see it. You see that thing you were looking for, that one song that makes all this work worthwhile. It's attached to a Naruto or Bleach or Inu-Yasha video, but you don't care because the song is sure to be intact and album quality. As you click the link and it starts to load, an angelic chorus rings out, but you can't hear it because you're going to hell for theft and piracy. But for the next 4 minutes...it's worth it.

Always go for the AMV (anime music video).

More P.O.S. in the '09 for all you suckas! No, but seriously, I've had this kid's music on heavy rotation for a while now and I'm not getting tired of it. That's rare these day. So I had an obligation to share. This is either the third or fourth track of his that I've posted on this blog. Either way, I'm only scratching the surface. And every track, the man just gets more raw. He and Asher Roth may be the majority of what I'm championing for the next few weeks, months, we'll see.

And this video? Come on!

Good Shit. Listen and learn something.



...Is A Robot. So the story goes that whenever Kanye works with Complex Magazine (pretty often, actually) he insists on having a cover (Isn't that just like him?) and usually one of his own imagination. This time is no different.

For the April/May issue of Complex, Mr. West has decided to depict himself as a robot. You know, because he's all futuristic and shit and tends to go off the rails like a Cylon demanding equal pay. So Marc Ecko and company (literally) gave the man what he wanted. There's also an article on the future of Kanye West, the man, the brand. And since its the 7th Anniversary issue, Complex will be dealing with their own bright future as they move into year 8. Most 7 year-olds aren't saying anything I want to hear. But Complex is not most 7 year-olds.

In stores...soonish?

Japanese Cartoon is Lupe Fiasco's new project. It's a "band" made up of whoever he feels like working with, much like DINOSAUR! (shameless self-promotion). The Japanese Cartoon album, titled In The Jaws of The Lords of Death is on it's way. I'm damn excited.

Download the first single, Crowd Participation (Aqui)



Mos Def - Words - The Ecstatic - in stores Spring 2009

Mos Def's new promo for his upcoming album "The Ecstatic". And they said acapella was dead...

New Asher! I heard some of this man's freestyles and found out the hard way that he could "spit hot fire". Since then, I haven't been disappointed with what I've heard from him. Go Team Asher (That was a Venture Bros. reference).
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