I'm going to buy a pair of Waraji sandals jsut for the hell of it.

And maybe some Zori. I'm a big samurai fan.

The script for IED Tokyo chapter 1 is complete. I just started on chapter 2 and with the exception of a few scenes that need to be dropped altogether, its all coming together so far.
I recently started using a new scripting app called Celtx. So far I'm a fan. It really does make things a lot easier and get all the aspects of my project together. This is'nt a shameless plug, I just like it.


I recieved my first rejection email from a publisher yesterday. I'm not going to say which one, but they're site link is somewhere on the right of this page.

The contents of the breakup letter are:
"This doesn't really sound like our kind of thing. But best of luck with it; you should try some other indy publishers and see if it doesn't fit their scene a little better."

To be honest, I'm not even broken up over the situation. Rejection is part of the process and every one brings you a little closer to success, especially in comics, where the rejection rate is so high.

Back to the drawing board.


I've been looking into Japanese family crests and their sympbols/ symbolism. I'm sort of interested in how else they can be used, besides representing a family, since they are their own legitimate art.

IED TOKYO is coming soon enough, with any luck. I'll give you one guess as to where it takes place.
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