I just got my copy of Local by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly. I'm a diehard Brian Wood fan, so I'm not going to attempt to butcher a review of this one. Here's the blurb on the back of the book, verbatim:

"From Brian Wood (Demo, DMZ, Northlanders) and Ryan Kelly (Lucifer, American Virgin, The New York Four) comes Local, a collection of twelve interconnected stories, each featuring Megan McKeenan, a young girl who sets out from Portland, Oregon with nothing but a rucksack and a bad case of wanderlust.

These emotional vignettes each represent a year in the life of this young vagabond as she searches for a place to call home, both physically and spiritually. Set in twelve real life cities across North America, this painstakingly researched and meticulously illustrated volume collects forthe first time the critically acclaimed series that writer Brian K. Vaughan (Lost, Runaways, Y: The Las Man) called 'the sharpest slices of life the medium has ever seen.'"

COME ON! Buy a copy at Khepri or Buy a copy at Amazon. Just buy a copy!

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