Hipsters, Arabs, Klansters, Border Patrol Nazis, Africans, South Asians, guess what? It's a fucking scarf. That's all. There's honestly so much debate over the wearing of a scarf that people seem to feel has a built-in terrorist connotation because some of the Billion plus people who have been wearing them for generations have decided to make the wrong decisions in life.

These scarves have always been around and have always been equally entrenched in local fashion as they were in local function and local militancy. While they do, in fact, sometimes make a statement, the vast majority of these scarves are just...scarves. With a pretty cool pattern. And that should be enough. There shouldn't need to be a longstanding debate over what they mean. They MEAN to keep your head, face, and neck covered, like all scarves, whether it be because the sun and sand are out to get you or because that bank really need robbing or because everyone else is doing it. It doesn't matter. Get over it. And don't make arguments without research. If you were to walk into a debate with an argument based on your neighborhood ignorance, you'd deserve whatever loss you got.

Wikipedia entry for Keffiyeh

Instructions for tying Keffiyeh in a traditional manner.

Ignorance in action.

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