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...We had fun, right?

Everything about me felt tired. I was sure that people could tell when they made a point of looking away from me. I got dragged into a methadone clinic and twice into churches. My car was full of unread Watchtowers and Narcotics Anonymous fliers. There was room for improvement. But I couldn't help feel that everyone I met was overreacting. I'd been dumped.



Michael Chabon's novel "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" is being (or has been, it's just being released now) into a movie. From what I've seen, it may be my new indie crush.

It takes place in the 1980's, dealing with young adulthood, identity, responsibility, and Mina Suvari on a pooltable. Michael Chabon is the author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (Great book. Even Seth Cohen of The OC liked it.) and Wonder Boys (I put the links there so you could buy them. So buy them.), both of which are high quality, nerd-impressing, best sellers.

The official synopsis is as follows:
"Set in Pittsburgh in the early eighties, the story chronicles the last true summer of Art Bechstein's (JON FOSTER) youth. Stuck in a dead-end job working for his eccentric sometime girlfriend Phlox (MENA SUVARI), and forced into an endless series of airless dinners with his mobster father (NICK NOLTE), Art begins to believe that perhaps he doesn't even exist at all.

What begins as a mundane summer is quickly interrupted when he encounters a beautiful debutante (SIENNA MILLER) and her lusty, no good hoodlum of a boyfriend Cleveland (PETER SARSGAARD). Together they reveal a side of Art and Pittsburgh that he has never known.

As the summer boils on and their adventures darken, Art decides to risk everything to preserve his new-found paradise, and thrusts himself headlong into the blurring boundaries of family, friendship, and love."

Here's the official trailer:


The Mysteries of Pittsburgh on IMDB

When you want to hear, or rip, a song that you just can't see yourself running into anywhere else without paying for it, Youtube has for the past 5 or more years (that's 150 years in internet time) been the go-to guy. But the legal bandwagon started by Viacom has all the higher quality material being taken out behind the shed and shot, leaving nothing but the shitty teenage covers and camera phone live recordings. Those don't make good mp3's (which is obviously the point). So you find yourself searching for your dream track, going several pages in and coming out sticky, but unsatisfied. And then, off to the right side, in related videos, you see it. You see that thing you were looking for, that one song that makes all this work worthwhile. It's attached to a Naruto or Bleach or Inu-Yasha video, but you don't care because the song is sure to be intact and album quality. As you click the link and it starts to load, an angelic chorus rings out, but you can't hear it because you're going to hell for theft and piracy. But for the next 4 minutes...it's worth it.

Always go for the AMV (anime music video).

More P.O.S. in the '09 for all you suckas! No, but seriously, I've had this kid's music on heavy rotation for a while now and I'm not getting tired of it. That's rare these day. So I had an obligation to share. This is either the third or fourth track of his that I've posted on this blog. Either way, I'm only scratching the surface. And every track, the man just gets more raw. He and Asher Roth may be the majority of what I'm championing for the next few weeks, months, we'll see.

And this video? Come on!

Good Shit. Listen and learn something.



...Is A Robot. So the story goes that whenever Kanye works with Complex Magazine (pretty often, actually) he insists on having a cover (Isn't that just like him?) and usually one of his own imagination. This time is no different.

For the April/May issue of Complex, Mr. West has decided to depict himself as a robot. You know, because he's all futuristic and shit and tends to go off the rails like a Cylon demanding equal pay. So Marc Ecko and company (literally) gave the man what he wanted. There's also an article on the future of Kanye West, the man, the brand. And since its the 7th Anniversary issue, Complex will be dealing with their own bright future as they move into year 8. Most 7 year-olds aren't saying anything I want to hear. But Complex is not most 7 year-olds.

In stores...soonish?

Japanese Cartoon is Lupe Fiasco's new project. It's a "band" made up of whoever he feels like working with, much like DINOSAUR! (shameless self-promotion). The Japanese Cartoon album, titled In The Jaws of The Lords of Death is on it's way. I'm damn excited.

Download the first single, Crowd Participation (Aqui)



Mos Def - Words - The Ecstatic - in stores Spring 2009

Mos Def's new promo for his upcoming album "The Ecstatic". And they said acapella was dead...

New Asher! I heard some of this man's freestyles and found out the hard way that he could "spit hot fire". Since then, I haven't been disappointed with what I've heard from him. Go Team Asher (That was a Venture Bros. reference).

My respect for P.O.S. just keeps growing by leaps and bounds. I found this video of him covering a song by Pearl Jam, the undisputed gods of grunge (You don't know, you better ask somebody!). I just picked up a new flannel plaid shirt, strictly coincidental. But, then maybe it was fate, because I was considering wearing my new plaid to my upcoming party (S.O.Y.P, coming soon)and now I just know that this song is going on the playlist.

Surprise Paper Planes, a Radiohead/M.I.A. mashup was stolen from the good folks over at Pigeons and Planes

Click the photo above to download

Thanks to Justine for helping me steal.

The official trailer for the sequel to Donnie Darko. Looks like a lot more is going on in this one.



Anyone with any sense will, also.

"These things, they will not hold water. They are like a boat, fired at from a tower. And we are like the crew that by the grace of god alone have escaped once again with only flesh wounds. But now we have to face the sea. I will not say "brave" it, because there's nothing brave about self-preservation. We will live if we want to badly enough. If only to see the edge of the earth as we fall off into that mythology." ~Tervel Andrews



Why even comment on this? Just watch it.

Thanks to Marvel for making this embeddable.



Since I first saw his work, I've been a fan of Terry Richardson's photography. Anyone with half a brain can see why his work is so raw, ridiculous, and appealing. Being photographed by Richardson is an honor. That's why I was all set to follow the instructions on his website and request to model for him.

Until I saw the word NUDE (It looked just like that, I swear. But in red italics about 18 feet high.). Me, I'm not shy. I'm actually a bit of an exhibitionist these days. But nude photography? Not at this point in my life. Maybe once I leave the gym after several years or bootcamp training. Besides, if it pays, it would only be enough for one session of self-esteem counseling.

Maybe in 10 years.




"French electronica duo Daft Punk has been signed to write the original music score for Tron 2.0, Walt Disney's upcoming sequel to the groundbreaking 1982 animation cult hit which was scored by electronic music icon Wendy Carlos. Daft Punk's members Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have been involved in various films before, but Tron 2.0 will be their first complete feature film score. The film, scheduled for a 2011 release, is helmed by Joseph Kosinski and will feature Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett. According to industry news reports, Tron 2.0 will play as the "next chapter" after the first film, with Wilde starring as one of the heroes trying to help fighting the Master Control Program, the evil intelligence protocol that was the nemesis in the 1982 film. The assignment of Daft Punk to score Tron 2.0 has been confirmed to Upcoming Film Scores by Walt Disney Pictures." ~ UpcomingFilmScores.blogspot.com

See Original Source (Aqui)

The Supra Skytop now comes in grey. I lost my mind when I saw these in tan around Christmas time, but I pretty much pitched a fit when I saw these today on Karmaloop. 114 USD. Worth every penny. I have no choice but to pick up a pair of these, especially since they'll run out of size 13 in about 30 seconds.

Captain Harlock, the definitive pirate king of anime, who's adventures inspired a multitude of space, pirate, and space pirate adventures, most notably (in America, at least) those of Corsair and the Starjammers (Oh! Marvel reference) and Galaxy Express 999, has been paid tribute once again. This time, the tribute comes in the form of a subtle sticker on the back of an iPhone 3G.

I rambled. This post got away from me. And I'm not gonna spellcheck it.

This is THE Converse release I've been waiting all my life for and I didn't even know it. This exercise in perfection is being released in select stores in South East Asia. I am not IN South East Asia. FML

I just finished Volume 6 of Brian Wood's DMZ. And like any good junkie, I'm already looking for my next fix. Brian Wood owns me. He's even made me like vikings with his Northlanders Series (Sorry, Dandelion).

Volume 7 of DMZ, titled War Powers, won't be released until September 8, 2009. It looks like I'll have some time to do some reading (I need to catch up on Northlanders) or better yet, some writing.

*Frustrated Sigh* September.

Where the Wild Things Are is being made into a movie. When it comes to the upcoming live-action adaption of the best book of my childhood (tied with Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day) I'm overcome with a mixture of nostalgia and crippling terror over how easily "they" (whomever "they" consists of) could fuck this up. I have fond memories of this book, Flight of the Navigator, and Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. has been overshadowed by Noggin (I won't even START in on that one).

And any Flight of the Navigator remake would be a hate crime.

All my hopes (not very much, being that I'm a generational cynic) lie with the quality of this movie.

God I wish I had a purple crayon right now. (Get the reference?)

This 512MB USB drive is made to look and feel like a cassette tape (remember those?!), is Windows and Mac compatible, and features a retractable USB connector. And its cool!

Available at Karmaloop (Aqui)



I would lie and say I just STUMBLED across this shirt on DesignByHumans, but who has time for that? I was LOOKING for a new tshirt when I lucked into this one. For some reason, I keep buying white graphic tees, knowing that I can't keep them clean and they'll get dingy as soon as I wash them. I never learn. But in the process, my tshirts...look damn good.

I first found out about the Popgun compilations when a friend during a daytrip to Barnes & Noble (yeah, I take those). A friend of mine found the last copy in the store, which I almost stabbed him over. To this day, I haven't read the first two (the third is being released March 29, 2009), but I've had the misfortune of getting tastes of volume 1 on the internet. I don't WANT to torrent it, that's stealing. But I'm slightly amoral, so...no I can't do that.

Anyway, Popgun is a series of American indie (technically) comic compilations featuring various authors and artists in the comics industry.

It seems worth reading. I think I will.

Apple has nothing to do with Orange. The titled-by-fruit theme is just coincidental. With that in mind, Apple (and its sequel) is a Korean compilation of short manga (or the Korean equiv) stories by various artists/writers. I'm a fan of compilations like this because they showcase a lot talent that wouldn't be seen otherwise. And when dealing with regional talent, a compilation that will travel the world is a better medium.

Cool stuff. Check it out.

I picked up a copy of this graphic novel, Orange, a few weeks ago and forgot to post about it. This is me making amends. Orange, by "international manga superstar" Benjamin, is the story of a girl who goes up onto a roof to kill herself for various reasons and ends up meeting a guy. That's all I'm going to say. You should just read it and soak in the beautiful artwork and story.

ORANGE on Amazon



To coincide with the release of the Serenity movie a few years ago, Joss Whedon and tribe released this video on several fire sharing networks and any other random corner of the internet they could. They dropped this puppy off on the doorstep of the digital tests, with a note and a basket that would go on to be used to hold muffins or something.

The above video chronicles the downward spiral of the mental state of River Tam, leading to the condition she was in at the start of the Serenity movie.

Natasha Khan is the lead singer/front woman/ sometimes the entire group of Bat for Lashes.

This is a pretty cool image of her. Thought I'd share it. She's as big on the production as she is on music. Call her art folk if you wish. Visually, she's the female Fischer Spooner

Daniel - Bat For Lashes


What's a Girl To Do - Bat For Lashes

What's A Girl To Do

I remember falling for this group when I first saw What's A Girl To Do on CurrentTV. Then my short term memory betrayed me and they slipped off my radar.

But today, I was wandering the streets of the internet and came across the video for their newest single, Daniel, and I was hit by a truck full of nostalgia, and helmed by a drunk driver. This video is clearly amazing. And it's causing me to daydream, which is always the sign of a good video or film.

Bat For Lashes. Check them out!

How To Charge Your IPod Using Electrolytes And An Onion - video powered by Metacafe

I'm not sure if this is legit, but why not? Check it out. This video provides instructions for charging your iPod using only an onion and 2 cups of Gatorade (or Powerade). And a shot glass. Isn't there always a shot glass?



Today I came across this blog, Freenick.net, by and about a man named Nick who find himself recovering from a crystal meth addiction. Hard times, high crimes.

I could point out that I first clicked the link because I connected the words "free nick" with the bag in the above image. But I won't.

Check out FreeNick.net

I just saw this on a blog I started reading today. Apparently this sign is being posted around Palm Springs. It's...well, its crazy. And funny.

Here's the corresponding Google search

I downloaded this song a while back and never listened to it. It's things like this that make me feel like Chritmas used to. Gooood song. But then, Wale is always good. Ask him yourself.

Download The Crazy by Wale, complete with annoying ass dj drop and voiceovers.



Are you alright?


This scrolling LED message board wall mirror comes from...somewhere. But I found it on Amazon. The idea is that you program it with a message or the time and it shows up as red LED dots that scroll the aforementioned message across the face of the mirror. The mirrors also reflects things, which I guess could be useful if you ever find yourself needing to read coded backward messages from Leonardo da Vinci or something that your evil twin wrote. Yeah. It couild be used for that, too.

But $450 USD? Little steep.



Found these on Amazon. They turn your wall into chalk board for making notes, keeping a schedule, etc. It's a pretty good idea aside from the reason people started using dry erase instead of chalk: chalk is just fucking messy. That flaw aside, I have been looking for something like this. I think I'd be happy in my room, insanely scrawling notes and ideas for whatever I'm working on onto the chalky sections of my walls, scratching my face and wiping my brow, then forgetting to check a mirror before running out to get some food and wondering why everyone's looking at me like I'm crazy. I could imagine they sense my genius and it repels them, a subconscious act of self preservation.

No, but I could get a lot of work done this way. Plus, I was already planning on writing notes on my wall and painting over them once I didn't need them anymore. This is still messy, but less so. Maybe I'll pick some up.

You should, too. Yeah, you. (Aqui)

This helps. Crayola Non-toxic Dust-free Chalk (Aqui)

The product description for this is pretty vague, so I'm not really sure how it works. But I do know its awesome and I want to waste money on it.
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