When you want to hear, or rip, a song that you just can't see yourself running into anywhere else without paying for it, Youtube has for the past 5 or more years (that's 150 years in internet time) been the go-to guy. But the legal bandwagon started by Viacom has all the higher quality material being taken out behind the shed and shot, leaving nothing but the shitty teenage covers and camera phone live recordings. Those don't make good mp3's (which is obviously the point). So you find yourself searching for your dream track, going several pages in and coming out sticky, but unsatisfied. And then, off to the right side, in related videos, you see it. You see that thing you were looking for, that one song that makes all this work worthwhile. It's attached to a Naruto or Bleach or Inu-Yasha video, but you don't care because the song is sure to be intact and album quality. As you click the link and it starts to load, an angelic chorus rings out, but you can't hear it because you're going to hell for theft and piracy. But for the next 4 minutes...it's worth it.

Always go for the AMV (anime music video).

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