I posted this comment on someone's blog a while back about the fact that I was leaving Heroes. I'm a little full of it, though because I sort of checked in the next week, hoping maybe Heroes was missing me enough that it was reflecting and trying to get its act together. That...was miles away from reality. So here's my comment about episode 15 of the third (and possible last) season of Heroes.

I just watched it on Hulu. I feel similar to a woman who received a diamond tennis bracelet and a black eye for her anniversary. I know I SHOULD leave, but I'm more than a bit materialistic. It wasn't half bad, which is to say that it wasn't half good, either. The last minute of the episode will make you want to drink lye. They managed to fall into a sinkhole approximately the same size as Isaac Mendez' loft, which apparently holds the most airtight lease in the history of real estate. It always bothered me that people kept doing things there, even though the place has been wired for sound and video since the first season. Everyone's seen the camera feed, but nobody ever goes over there until it's too late? And people still go back there to paint the future in an artsy, bohemian environment? Wow. This is a clusterfuck of continuity errors. I love the Heroes writers as people (when they showed up Daphne's apartment that she never cared to return to again), and we'll always have Paris , but I can't help but feel that they just don't care about my feelings. And if they don't care about mine, I can't care about theirs. I'll begin plotting my Heroes fanfic now.

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