Found these on Amazon. They turn your wall into chalk board for making notes, keeping a schedule, etc. It's a pretty good idea aside from the reason people started using dry erase instead of chalk: chalk is just fucking messy. That flaw aside, I have been looking for something like this. I think I'd be happy in my room, insanely scrawling notes and ideas for whatever I'm working on onto the chalky sections of my walls, scratching my face and wiping my brow, then forgetting to check a mirror before running out to get some food and wondering why everyone's looking at me like I'm crazy. I could imagine they sense my genius and it repels them, a subconscious act of self preservation.

No, but I could get a lot of work done this way. Plus, I was already planning on writing notes on my wall and painting over them once I didn't need them anymore. This is still messy, but less so. Maybe I'll pick some up.

You should, too. Yeah, you. (Aqui)

This helps. Crayola Non-toxic Dust-free Chalk (Aqui)

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