...Is A Robot. So the story goes that whenever Kanye works with Complex Magazine (pretty often, actually) he insists on having a cover (Isn't that just like him?) and usually one of his own imagination. This time is no different.

For the April/May issue of Complex, Mr. West has decided to depict himself as a robot. You know, because he's all futuristic and shit and tends to go off the rails like a Cylon demanding equal pay. So Marc Ecko and company (literally) gave the man what he wanted. There's also an article on the future of Kanye West, the man, the brand. And since its the 7th Anniversary issue, Complex will be dealing with their own bright future as they move into year 8. Most 7 year-olds aren't saying anything I want to hear. But Complex is not most 7 year-olds.

In stores...soonish?

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