I never really put much stock in the central DC universe, or multiverse. I was a fan of Batman and i did faithfully watch both Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, but the comics never held much interest for me. Recently, with the help of Wikipedia, I've been catching up on Superman (in multiple universes and as Superboy-Prime), the Crisises (Crises?, Crisi?), Countdown, 52, etc. I have to say I'm kind of happy with what they're doing. Relaunching and refreshing comic characters, especially ones that have been around in some form for over 60 years, is extremely difficult, especially with multiple titles. Continuity is a bitch, but a multiverse (plus its destruction and subsequent replacement by ANOTHER multiverse) has long been a legit way to keep a comic or character fresh. I'm liking the new Superman origin, which is not TOO far off from the others, buit still different and fresh enough to make me like a character that i never really identified with.

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