FLCL (Fooly Cooly!)

In Japan, there are a LOT of animes that seem completely random. FLCL takes the cake. Only six episodes long, Fooly Colly tells that story of Jinta, a young boy who's brother is (or was) a professional baseball palyer and who's dad is, in classic anime fashion, a complete pervert and irrisponsible tool (to the extent that were this the real world, Social Services would've put Jinta in a home YEEEEEEARS ago). anyway, Jinta's life is changed forever by a meeting with a mysterious, scantily clad, psychopath, accompanied by a robot and a chain on intergalactic conflicts. There's a giant iron, stuff growing out of people's heads, huge eyebrows, and an entity that seems to have the same diet as Galactus. It's just too cool.

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