So the election was yesterday. I spent the hours I was at work anticipating going to the polls. When I got there, luckily there was hardly a line anymore and I was in and out in less than 5 minutes, thanks in part to Connecticut's new paper ballot/ "Scantron" system, which allows people to fill the ballot out with a marker in a multiple choice test format, but one that, you know, changes the world.

I spent the night watching MSNBC becauseI just couldn't help myself. I stared down the countdown clock as each batch of states closed their polling districts and revealed which candidate won their electoral votes. I called and texted literally EVERYONE I know to make sure they were as nervous as I was. I Twittered (tweeted? tweetered?) my heart out, probably developing carpel tunnel syndrome in the process.

In the end, when the score jumped from 207 to 284 for Obama, I woke my elderly grandmother and yelled at her (sounds harsher than it is).

AND THEN WE WON FLORIDA AND VIRGINIA! Democrats NEVER win Floridar and Virginia.

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