(I sometimes think of and about random sentences and phrases thatI have to share with the internet)

1. "A short walk in the world with breaks for coffee and snacks." ~Skins (Original source unknown to me.)
2. This tagline popped into my head randomly: "Coming of age. Even if it kills them."
3. Tom Bosley is trying to sell me non-Happy Days related merchandise through the television. No.
4. When told about the Large Hadron Collider, The Hills' Audrina Patridge said "Its crazy. This is all happening while Lauren is gone." WTF¿
5. Played with Garageband. Im in love.
6. I saw a mockup of a pair of Obam Nike Dunks. I would wait outside in a firestorm for those sneakers. Just a nice pair.
7. In Hartford, there are signs posted featuring the American flag in black and grey, and the numbers 1.20.2009
8. HIPSTER MADLIBS: ________ is the new ________. Its easy! Everyone can do it (which goes against the hipster code).
9. Victorian English is the new L337.
10. I just realized the Dandies were the hipsters of their day.
11. Jimmy writes on a precise mixture of Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks Coffee. He calls it rocket fuel, after high quality cocaine.
12. we were in a garage that looked like a dark alley in england where the kids who knew things could find their way onto the "last night party" blogs, in hundreds of drunken photos.
13. New graffiti on the bathroom wall, hastily scribbled in black Sharpie. J3NNY...I think its happening again...
14. at one end of the alley, the one closest to the party, was a red light bulb. the other end was blacklit, though noone with an interest in J3NNY would be seen wearing white. Hipsters had her name tattoed on the inside of their lower lips, a tribute to her cult of personality.

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