The third series of Skins got off to a rocky start, with an introductory episode that couldn't really be expected to pull us into anyone's life, and a second ep that I now realize was just setup for something Great. Series 3, Episode 3: Thomas was the episode that did my head in. It was Skins. The Skins I'm constantly talking about and advertising to any and everyone who will listen or read. And in the aftermath, bridging the gap between Thomas and Pandora (the title of next week's episode) is this video, which sums up Pandora and Thomas, who are completely different characters from any that have been on the show so far, but in terms of the depth and tragedy and beauty of their love story (wow, I should stop) are this season's answer to Cassie and Sid.

It's time to get this Skins Party started. (It's underground, in a cave)

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