The last time I posted about skinheads, they were Indonesia's version of the original "working class" skinheads. The kind who championed worker's rights. Sure those skinheads are the ones who gave rise to the first racist skinheads, but I doubt most of them knew it was leading to that.

These are the other skinheads.

In Russia, over the past few years, there's been an incredible upsurge in anti-immigrant sentiment and neo-nazi groups. At the center of this is the NSO, Russia's ultranationalist "political revolutionary" party. Think of them as the Super Saiyans of Nazism (yep, that's how its spelled). The NSO subscribe to pretty much the same ideals that started the original Nazis on their way. They feel threatened by what they see as an unlawfull occupancy of Russia by immigrants of all colors. They feel that most, if not all of their socioeconomic problems can be traced back to the brown people. This isn't made any better by the low priced (often free) college education that many immigrants, especially African ones, can receive in Russia.

They've begun a massive propaganda campaign utilizing everyone's favorite political tool, online flash videos (i.e. Youtube, Megavideo, etc). But instead of slandering the names of the brown people they consider their opponents, THEY BEAT THEM TO DEATH. And then there are the training camps.

Honestly, there's nothing I could say about this that the above video couldn't say better. So watch it. Beware.

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